Alla & Scott  concluded their adventure on the Amalfi Coast with an event that will remain burnished in our memories.

Location: the unique Villa Cimbrone. The entire event took place around the gardens, the terraces and the crypt..

To make dreams come true 

It must be said, to make dreams come true and to stop them turning into nightmares, madness needs organisation!

JZ events made everything possible, by organizing and directing - like the conductor of an enormous orchestra -hundreds of collaborators, suppliers and workers, as well as seamlessly managing the participation of very high-caliber personalities, such as the great Preston Bailey, the illustrious Andrea Bocelli and the amazing elaartists team.

However the dream wouldn’t have been  possible without the hard work and ingenuity of the invaluable onsite collaborators.  

Armando Malafronte and his incredible team were, to say the least, ONE OF A KIND and unfailingly able to meet and support the genius of Preston Bailey. 

The original and elaborate invitations by Ceci New York merit a mention here.

Unique floral compositions and decorations for this memorable wedding in Ravello

Alla and Scott got ready in the elegant rooms of Villa Cimbrone.

The ceremony was held at the tea room where the fabulous team of Preston Bailey, flanked by the experience of Malafronte Fiori, created unprecedented floral compositions and decorations.

A transparent platform over a carpet of delicate white orchids dominated the scene.

Scott, in an elegant black suit, designed Tom Ford, waited excitedly for the arrival of his beautiful Alla, in an incredible Reem Acra dress.

A famous guest for this emotive ceremony was the world-renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli who moved everyone by paying homage to all the presents with the intonation of some of his most famous songs.

An explosion of floral arrangements in the crypt

After having been declared husband and wife, an aperitif at the Belvedere of Villa Cimbrone, before all the guests gathered in the  crypt and waited for Alla and Scott to arrive.

White and gold dominated the scene, with a decidedly Preston Bailey style.

The dinner was followed by an original outdoor dance party, during which the guests were provided with special headphones through which to select the music and let go with their eyes closed until the end of the incredible adventure of the marriage of Alla and Scott.

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