Firenze, July 6th 2017

Not far from Fiesole in Tuscany there stands a magnificent castle, called  Castello di Vincigliata, dating back to 1031 when it was owned by the families of Vinsdomini and Alessandri. Eight hundred years later an English lord, fascinated by this picturesque ruin, decided to buy it and , with the help of famous sculptors,artisans, glassmakers and Florentine painters, he restored it to its former glory. Today it is an enchanting setting for events of all kinds but particularly weddings. Enjoying one of the most spectacular views of  Florence, Rose and Joshua have chosen it for the backdrop to their wedding celebrations.

With its beautiful gardens and romantic courtyard, Castello di Vincigliata was the perfect setting for this very special day. Rose, of Filipino origin, a mother of a 10 year old child is a wonderful person and her partner Joshua a sweet , kind and caring man. Surrounded by a group of special people in their lives in an atmosphere of pure and genuine love, they were joined in marriage and it was a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of their special day.

a ill in Fiesole landscape in Fissile The Ponte Vecchio in Firenze Buildings around the Arno river in Firenze il Ponte vecchio in firenze marble statue marble statues landscape with the Ponte vecchio in Firenze wedding invitation on green grass bride's shoes detail wedding invitation on the green grass groom's shoes the groom's getting ready wedding rings on green leaves groom's men during the preparation man getting ready for the wedding groom's portrait lining against a big tree groom's portrait with woods as backdrop man walking in his wedding suite the groom walking together with his friends the bride during the make up wedding rings wedding flowers the groom and his best man getting ready bride's portrait with her bouquet bride's portrait with her bouquet the groom talking with other guests the bride and the bridesmaids walking wedding ceremony setting at castello di vincigliata the groom helping his mother with the bracelet the bride standing next to her father the groom walking down the aisle with his mother the groom standing next a children holding the rings the bride walking with her father the groom shaking hands with the bride's father the exchange of rings the groom almost kissing the bride best men during the ceremony the bride and the groom during the confetti throwing time the bride and the groom just married invitation card on green grass woman with a pink dress wedding bouquets wedding tables at castello di vincigliata wedding table from high wedding tables at castello di vincigliata bride's portrait standing with the bouquet castello di vincigliata the groom and his best man in black and white groom's portrait bride and groom standing together groom's portrait sitting groom's portrait groom's portrait bride's portrait with her veil groom's portrait lining against a wall groom's portrait against a brown ancient wall bride and groom together bride's standing by marble columns bride and groom's portrait the bride and the groom facing each other the bride and the groom holding each other bride and groom's portrait bride and groom's portrait detail of a marble ancient column wedding gifts the bride and the groom during their entrance at the wedding dinner wedding guest during his speech the best man during his speech the bride with her son by a big window details of the castle details of the vincigliata castle a big wooden door the wedding tableau at the entrance of the dinner area guests during the wedding dinner the bride and the groom kissing each other outside the dinner area the wedding cake the bride and the groom cutting the cake from the back wedding guest holding his drink the groom with other guests during the after dinner party guests dancing bride and groom dancing bride and groom during the first dance disco ball woman dancing  tusc

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