Someone once said: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
A great truth, with which we fully agree.
But, having said that, it is undeniable that every time you cross the magnificent wooden door of Villa Cimbrone, the beauty hits you in the face, whichever way you look at it.
And 'therefore always with great enthusiasm that we prepare to step over the threshold of such a lovely place, that during years of work here has undoubtedly earned a favourite spot in our hearts.
At any time of the year we are fortunate - for business or for pleasure - to walk through the wonderful gardens of Villa Cimbrone, those gardens well maintained and one of the many reasons why this wonderful location of Ravello is famous to the whole world, is always  refreshing to the senses. A time of pure pleasure, culminating on the Belvedere Terrace, contact with the Infinite, the experience for which tourists from all corners of the earth flock.

When a couple chooses to marry at Villa Cimbrone, we never  ask why. As was the case with Tom and Naomi.
If we want to add to their beauty and their charm, our "game" is made.
In particular, Naomi, true to the maternal roots of Japanese mold, has bewitched us.
She has literally captured all our attention with a charming and deep look, one of the most beautiful perhaps ever glimpsed. And with the patience with which she has chosen to create personally, by hand, thousands of colorful origami skills through the infinite beauty of Villa Cimbrone with the undisputed value of their roots.
And we are sure that Tom can not but agree with us.

collage wedding rings box and villa cimbrone detail
blue wedding shoes with the bouquet
bride during the preparation
collage bride wearing the veil with her mother
the bride meets her father
bride's portrait against a white wall
collage bride and landscape from amalfi coast
the groom waiting for the bride
bride's portrait in the wedding car
flower girls
the bride arrives with her father
collage the bride walks to the aisle with her father
wedding guests during the ceremony
collage the groom kisses the bride
bride and groom portrait during the ceremony
throwing of the rise
bride and groom walking in ravello's narrow street
black and white bride and groom walking to the wedding reception with the traditional italian musicians
the bride and the groom walking together with their wedding guests through villa cimbrone
bride's portrait in black and white
the bride at belvedere of villa cimbrone
bride and groom black and white portrait
collage bride and groom's portrait
bride's portrait in black and white
bride and groom walking tough the rose gardens of villa cimbrone
bride and groom' portrait in the rose gardens at villa cimbrone
bride portrait
the groom kisses the bride
wedding reception setting
wedding pianist
villa cimbrone
bride and groom's portrait by the villa cimbrone pool
bride's portrait against an ivy wall
bride's portrait in villa cimbrone
bride and groom's portrait in villa cimbrone black and white
bride and groom walking together
bride and groom kissing
bride's portrait at nighttime
wedding dinner at villa cimbrone
collage the bride during her speech
wedding cake
bride and groom cutting the cake

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