Home to culture and the hub of Italian Renaissance, Florence is an artistic gem of Middle Italy.
With its ancient castle and villas, Florence is one of the most popular destinations for weddings. The medieval Castello di Vincigliata is a very fascinating location where lovers from all over the world decide to become husband and wife. According to the legend, the spirit of Donna Bianca roams among the walls of the castle. She was a pretty girl who died of a broken heart after the killing of the man she loved  before her eyes on the day of the their wedding. Donna Bianca protects all loves, especially impossible ones…

June 24th was really hot. Alan was in the midst his preparations at the Fattoria di Maiano, a few kilometres from the centre of Florence, from where it was possible to witness the spectacle of the hills of Fiesole , the village and the scattering of houses kissed by the sun. We met Sharon at The Grand Hotel Minerva, in the historic centre of Florence. We finally  reached the castle and found some respite from the sun  in the shadows of the castle walls.. The moving ceremony was held at the Court of Vincigliata Castle, prepared with attention to every detail by Ben Singleton. After  we wandered through the rooms of the Castle with Sharon and Alan, taking in the history of the place built centuries ago.

collage wedding details
weddig flowers
collage wedding details
bride with bridesmaids getting ready
bride getting ready
bride with her father in black and white
bride walking
bride in the street before leaving the hotel room
collage groom getting ready
collage groom getting ready
black and white picture of the groom getting ready
groom's shoes
collage your girl
wedding children
gromma's portrait against a wooden door
wedding guests waiting for the bride
wedding guests with a child
collage wedding rings and table signs
wedding guest
collage children in black and white
wedding ceremony setting
groom waiting for the bride with his best men
flower girl and boy
the bride walking to the aisle with her father
bride and groom exchanging they wedding vows
bride and groom exchanging the rings
bride and groom covered by details
wedding guests during the canapé
wedding details
wedding guests
big group in black and white
big family group
child with his teddy
collage bride's portrait against an ivy wall
bride's portrait
bride and groom kissing
detail of vincigliata castle
children talking at the window
wedding group on the stair
baby girl with bridesmaids bouquet on the floor
details of vincigliata castle
wedding guests
woman with red dress at the window
collage weddig reception
vincigliata castle by night
wedding guests during the wedding party
wedding guests during the wedding party
wedding guests during the wedding party
wedding guests during the wedding party

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