The photograph fixes the here and now.
Photography is able to bring together past, present and future.
Theatre is about movement and, by its nature, it develops in space and time.
Through the actors on stage the theatre brings to life a story. A story witnessed by the audience.
The lights, the costumes, the scenery contribute to the magic.

The occasion of the tenth anniversary of the foundation Elisa Mocci Events was  celebrated with a Charity Gala Dinner, with a show hosted by the enchanting Theatre Sannazzaro of Naples. We were asked to document the entire event photographically, the world behind the scene.

In a city’s historic theatres, a city full of contradictions, of art and of mysteries, which will always occupy a special place in our hearts we had the good fortune to witness, observe and breathe everything that happened before the curtain went up.

We saw with fascination the show taking shape from the dusty wings. We saw the construction of the scenery by the backstage staff.

We were surprised by the energy and tenacity of the dancers, singers and actors. 

We sneaked into the dressing rooms to witness the tension before a performance that exists only in the theatre. 

We huddled in the corners of the wings to watch the rehearsals seeing the blood, sweat and tears that go into a production of this type.

We saw the lights go out and the magic begin.

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