Italy is a microcosm of wonderful places to discover, a paradise for couples in search of romance and poetry.

Claudia and Roger have brought together their loved ones in the beautiful Villa Pizzo for a romantic destination wedding on Lake Como.

The timeless charm of Villa Pizzo for a romantic destination wedding on Lake Como

Nestled on the lake, Villa Pizzo is a wonderful luxury villa dating from the 1400s.

It preserves an evocative pink peach-coloured façade, bleached by the sun that gives it a timeless charm .It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villas on Lake Como, an intimate atmosphere  with one of the longest English-style gardens in the area.

Walking in the green, along the shore of the lake, getting lost at sunset on its banks is one of the most romantic experiences you could wish for.

This charming villa, with its frescoed interior rooms, gardens and its panoramic terraces has been meticulously maintained, retaining a  style full of pomp and ceremony.

The romantic notes of blue and the elegance of grey

For the organization and design of the entire event, Claudia and Roger relied on the taste and refinement of Elisa Mocci events.

The care taken with every detail, the elegance of the blue and grey colour scheme, the harmony that dominated the  styling of the entire event made this destination wedding on Lake Como an event of great class and full of romance.

Leitmotifs of marriage, songs never out of fashion, unique pieces of art from myths such as John legend and Ella Fitzgerald. The stationery produced by Rossella Manganelli, used some of the verses of unforgettable songs, disseminating pearls of poetry and romance in the various corners set up for the occasion, from the table reserved for the ceremony, to the aperitif area, to the lounges prepared for the occasion.

 The floral decorations and Claudia’s bouquet, created by Mada Events, with romantic white roses mixed with the delicate notes of blue thistle, were reflected in all the decorations, from the bouquet, to the ceremony area, to the aperitifs, to tables set up  in the fabulous interior  of the Villa that hosted the dinner.

The entire event took place in Villa Pizzo.

The ceremony was held on the panoramic terrace overlooking the lake, from which to enjoy all the charm of this enchanting area of Italy.

The area adjacent to the ceremony was set up for a tasty buffet, with small niches in chic floral style in which to relax sipping a glass of champagne.

The aperitif was followed by dinner in the marvellous internal hall of the Villa. For the cake we returned to the garden under the mantle of  the evening stars and  fireworks lit the sky and sparkled on the dark mirror of the lake.

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