Already frequent visitors to the Amalfi Coast, Poppy and Louis chose Villa Cimbrone as the location for a luxurious and romantic wedding in Ravello.

Romantic and Classy Look  

It was the year 2017 when Poppy and Louis were engaged in the picturesque setting of Positano.
Louis and his family were already frequent visitors to this part of the world, but on her first acquaintance with the Amalfi coast Poppy also came under its spell.

 A year later Poppy, Louis and a group of family and friends met in the charming gardens of Villa Cimbrone to celebrate their wedding in Ravello.

For the most important day of their lives both Poppy and Louis opted for a romantic look, both classic and elegant keeping the same theme for the bridesmaids and witnesses.

Poppy wore a dress designed by Novia D'Art , with a redingote cut, high waist and soft skirts. Her slender  figure was ideally matched with a deep sleeveless V-neck for the bodice embellished with floral embroidery. Wearing her soft blonde hair loose and with bright natural make-up she looked a picture of simple elegance. 

Louis opting for a smart blue double-breasted suit and matching tie by Hugo Boss  was the embodiment of sophistication as he waited for his bride.

Touches of red and orange for this luxury wedding in Ravello

Romanticism was the key word for  the wedding that Poppy and Louis planned so carefully where the elegant white was complemented by the red and orange  of the flowers, that created a lively but at the same time classy style.

The entire event took place in the elegant environs of the Villa beginning with the preparations followed by the  ceremony and then dinner.

The Amalfi Experience, who managed the organization of the entire event, took full advantage of the gardens of the Cimbrone and  Armando Malafronte , the florist, brought to life the wishes of Poppy and Louis, creating  decorations of great class, starting with the “Tea Room” where the ceremony was held to the wonderful preparation of the “Crypt”, the location for the celebratory meal.

After the ceremony on the "Terrazza dell' Infinito", one of the vantage points for most beautiful scenery in Italy, we were able to capture the moment with a photo-shoot.

After the candle-lit dinner under the stone arches that characterise the “Crypt”, Poppy and Louis performed their first dance in the gardens adjacent to the villa.

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