Palazzo Santa Croce, April 22nd - Mediterranean Inspired Styled Shoot in Positano.

Based on an Idea by Gianni Di Natale 
Styling Adriana Alfano

We want to express our thoughts and feelings about Southern Italy.
 A land where Love and Passion blend with the warm rays of the sun, in the shadow of the fruits of the land.

Our Mediterranean roots have inspired and guided us, leading us to exalt in the mystical relationship between  the sacred and the profane. A concept that  has its roots in the irreconcilable dialogue between Heaven and earth, between our mortal  and carnal nature and the desire for spiritual immortality.

We make specific reference to food and to our culinary traditions, that comes from the sea that shapes our destinies and brings indescribable beauty- the purest expression of the subtle disequilibrium of light and shadow.

 We have outlined our version of this southern part of the Mediterranean whose culture we are immensely proud of.

The perfect home for a story of passion

The location where our publishing project came to life, took shapeand colour in the enchanting Palazzo Santa Croce . It is a place with great personality and charm that we fell secretly in love with !

The villa was in the first instance a monastery and then in 1716, in the middle of the Baroque period, it became a bishop’s seat.

The furnishings and character of the villa reflect the trading between Positano and the Middle East in silks, fabrics and precious wood that decorate the entire villa.

Local craftsmen produced the wonderful painted ceilings, the majestic doors finished in gold lacquer and the many stucco decorations to which were added works of art and antiques. It is in our opinion one of the most fascinating, evocative and yet intimate locations on the Amalfi Coast.

To contrast the references to the sacred that are in every single corner of the Palazzo the charming kitchen has a more earthy atmosphere with high stone arches, ancient majolica and marble tubs. Outside is the typical Vesuvius stone paving surrounded by flowerbeds with citrus, fig and pomegranate plants.

The moments and the main scenes

Our story was brought to life in the intimacy and privacy of the rooms of the Palazzo. Daphne and Luciano from 4UpperModels brought a couple’s love and passion through their professional skills.

In the  hall of the building an elegant table was set up, with the collaboration of Armando Malafronte and  Marinella Home, who provided some  elegant and refined pieces for the “mise en place”

Inspired by the town of Positano, Wedding Stationary Italia provided the finishing touches.

On one of the most romantic terraces in Positano, our characters toasted their love,  amidst a succulent collection of fruit and pastries, for which we can thank Le Torte di Renato and  the irreplaceable, Armando Malafronte.

The outfits came from Pinella Passaro and Passaro Uomo and footwear from Madò1984.

Make-up and hair styling was by Romualdo Petti and Tonino Hairstylist.

Every garment was decorated with stones from Camo Ravello, and we thank Tiffany Filocamo for her elegant works of art.

Finally our heartfelt thanks  to the owners and staff of Palazzo Santa Croce who  made us all feel very much at home. A special thanks to the chef Sara who as well as contributing to the shots also pampered us with motherly attention.

For those of you who have been following our previous editorials, we wait impatiently for the next short but intense film story by Edit Studio.

It would be good to receive some feedback and comments on your thoughts about the editions. You can do this via our contact page.

Let the beauty and atmosphere of the Mediterranean  touch everyones senses and hearts!!

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