We loved the ‘Boho’ look of this wedding in Positano.

The shades of powder and peach were wonderfully matched with the colours of the Hotel Marincanto, a location that preserves all the charm of a 18th century villa.

The infectious love of Olivia and Jared

 Olivia and Jared are best seen and understood  through their own words.

“Whether we're found in the monotony of routine or in the vibrance of adventure, our eyes connect gazing into our future, both with a burning question inside of us: "Is this real?" Somehow, someway we have been placed in a fantasy-like reality, almost waiting for someone to wake us up from the best dream of our lives. But in fact, it's no dream at all. It's love. A force that ravages through us, dismantling the "me" while forging the "us." It's love. A peace that has finessed grace and wonder into everyday life. It's love... that has brought to existence a dream that we've ever longed for."

Love shows in their looks, manifests itself in the fleeting smiles and gestures , in the tender embraces  of two gentle, loving and affectionate souls.
Olivia and Jared, two young people were incredibly eager to  write their own love story.

The style of Marincanto, the pastel shades and the ‘Boho’ look of this wedding in Positano

Sophisticated and fashionable, with a casual touch, in their everyday lives  wedding Olivia and Jared have chosen to add a little more elegance, without being too formal. Not surprisingly, Jared wore a blue suit, with an original shirt with small pink flowers and loose-coloured moccasins, without tie or bow tie, remaining faithful to the more urban look that he is fond of. 

Olivia wore a dress with a soft line, embellished with an embroidered bodice; her blond hair was wavy complemented by a bouquet made mainly of roses, heather and eucalyptus.

Olivia also took care of the creation of the wedding stationery, from the menus and place cards, to the invitations that gave a nod to ​​the passport and a flight ticket, to emphasize a great passion that they have for travel.

This marvelous hotel stands  embracing the entire bay below providing dreamy views from the various terraces overlooking the sea.

The hotel boasts refined and tranquil surroundings which includes the Villa Incanto a place of great charm. Outside the villa, in the shade of a cenenary pine, is the hanging garden, with its luxuriant aromatic herbs and flowers that give off an intense and sweet scent.

After the ceremony on the panoramic terrace with a magnificent view of Positano, Olivia and Jared together with their guests gathered on the terrace adjacent to the Villa, for an intimate and romantic dinner,   the sound of sweet words and happy laughter drifting on the night air.

The whole event was supervised by wedding planner La Calla who used her twenty years of experience of arranging weddings on the Amalfi Coast to make this young couples dreams come true.In tandem with the florist Rosalinda Flowers Wedding Lab, Calla organised the decoration of the imperial table which was placed on the enchanting terrace of Villa Incanto surrounded by the vivid greens of the many plants, the intense blue off the sea at sunset and the crimson walls of the villa. The evening was illuminated by candle light and the love of this young couple.

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