Praiano, October 30rd 2017

Ca'P'a Casa Privata is visible between the houses scattered on the steep slope of the coast arriving from Positano.  Down 120 steps , a wooden gate is the entrance to a place that seems to still guard ancient secrets that have yet to be explored.
As soon as one crosses the threshold the view is spread out like a precious framed painting, to the right the view of the houses that go down to Positano , and on the horizon the Faraglioni of Capri and The Galli island to remind you that the south of Italy is really a wonderful place. The rough domes that overlook the rooms of the house and the hard ceramic floors seem to have been there for eternity.
We wanted to invent for once a story, not limiting ourselves to simply telling it. The fascination of this villa has prodded our imagination from the very first moment we stepped into it. Ca'P'a is a place full of personality and character, so intimate, hidden and mysterious. It requires silence whilst crossing the marvellous gardens, one is found  to sometimes to be rather snug in the small fringes, then going down step by step one crashes in the  blatant beauty of the wild and open sea.
Our story starts there and it winds up inevitably through the warm and intense colours of Autumn. The creation is the game of the elements: in tones of purple, burgundy, black and gold they have contributed to create an intense and heady  atmosphere, in some ways decayed but endlessly, endlessly romantic.
No, it isn’t hasn’t been easy to invent and create.  It has been a long project full of observation and research.  It has been a challenging style exercise, beginning with us and resulting through  a balanced tapestry of collaboration and points of view.  True to the most impulsive rules of free thinking consciousness , the thoughts of everyone became incarnate and were embedded harmoniously into one sole final creation.
At this point there is not much left to say.
At this point we only wish that you are filled with emotion.

casa privata wedding location in Praiano
autumn trees and a villa
path to the sea with red flowers and leaves
bridal details lingerie, shoes, earrings, heart shaped collier and ring
hands with a white lace
back of a woman in lingerie
woman lying on the grass in lingerie
woman lying on the grass with lingerie
hands with a ring
woman eyes behind green leaves
groom's staff old raisers, cufflinks, ring and a red leaf on a wooden table
man's face with shadows
groom's dress detail
groom's lips
groom coming up the stairs with an hand in the pocket
groom's portrait
bridal details heart shaped collier
bride sitting on a chair by the window with red leaves on the ground
bride's portrait
the bride sitting on the chair with red leaves on the ground
moody wedding table
moody wedding table details
moody wedding table details
moody wedding table decor
wedding invitation
wedding table details
moody wedding tableau
moody wedding cake
moody wedding table
moody wedding bouquet on a green velvet chair
groom's portrait holding the bouquet
groom's portrait sitting on a green velvet chair
bride's hairstyle with red flowers
bride's portrait sitting on a chair
hands touching the bouquet
brides portrait
bride's portrait
bride's portrait among green plants
bride's portrait among green plants
bride lining against a white wall
groom's portrait
bride and groom's portrait on the stairs
bride' s portrait in a green garden
bride's portrait
bride and groom's portrait
bride's portrait
bride and groom's portrait
bride and groom's portrait
bride's portrait standing by the sea
bride's portrait holding the wedding bouquet
groom's portrait by the sea
bride's portrait holding the bouquet and standing by the sea
bride and groom's portrait standing by the sea at sunset time
bride's portrait at night time
bride and groom exchanging the rings by the sea at night time
moody wedding table with candles
bride and groom's portrait sitting by the table
bride and groom's portrait at the wedding table
street in praiano at night time
praiano landscape by night

The first and huge thanks goes to Rosa, for allowing us freedom to experiment and to flow in and out of the wonderful, atmospheric rooms of this incredible villa and to enjoy and take from, sometimes unknowingly even  hidden fascination  found in every single piece of grass.
Our right arm: Armando Malafronte, florist and the friendliest known prince of Ravello. The floral compositions of English roses, Dahlias, Clematis and Maple leaves, hints of pink pepper, berries ,pomegranate and bunches of grapes created bucolic and elegant shades of passion and colour for a wonderfully unforgettable bouquet and a sublime and refined table.
The decoration of the entire set was embellished by the furniture and accessories affectionately and carefully provided by Wedding Solution.
The cake was created by Cakes My Cakes.
For all the wedding stationery we took advantage of the precious skills of Wedding Stationery Italia.  Like precious objects the wedding invites and menus were painted by hand on craft paper and wood.
Once the contours were defined we went to the heart of our story and,  to the faces.
We imaginatively and creatively worked on the poses and on our story board because they led us into the entire creation of the photographic project. However we then had the complicated task of finding the faces and to define the rest of the styling.
Thanks to 4upper models for proposing  Eleonora to us and thanks also to Melania for unearthing Alessandro, as well as assisting us and supporting us with the construction of our first story.
L’Atelier Passaro provided elegant and chic  clothing, in the name of and respectful of the highest Italian style and craftsmanship traditions.
For jewellery we were able to count on the friendly presence and support of Antique Velvet Gloves who provided precious pieces of high value and Gemma Redmond Vintage who with their unique  jewellery added touches of vintage and retro style.
The energy and passion of the hair stylists Marilu and Fabio from Mash Up Studio Mascolo and the professionalism of  make up artist Valeria contributed to framing and wonderfully  adding enhanced value  to  the faces of Eleonora and Alessandro, two wonderful, kind creatures  whose objective beauty we have tried to share and tell their most hidden and silent traits.

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