It was a wonderful September evening at Villa Cimbrone the magical place chosen by Christina and Jess for this romantic and glamorous elopement in Ravello.

We met them in Positano, one of the most popular locations on the Amalfi Coast with its clusters of pastel-coulored buildings stretching down to the sea.

Passion and Glamour for a romantic elopement in Ravello

Christina and Jess are a charming and close-knit couple. Departing from the shores of Miami, they landed on the Amalfi Coast for a romantic flight of love that ended with their intimate elopement in Ravello.

Their choice of dress was anything but conventional. Christina and Jessy were inspired by a Bohemian but at the same time glamorous look.

Christina  wore a seductive dress, "Benny Bodhin" by Rue De Seine and taken from the Moonlight Magic collection. With a bustier beaded and worked lace, a seductive front opening on the skirt and a light crossover that maintains a bohemian energy, this dress highlighted the harmonious lines of Christina, beautiful next to her charming, dark husband in elegant blue tuxedo  with black silk lapels.

Intimate rite at the Tea Room

The event was celebrated at the magnificent Villa Cimbrone, in the evocative atmosphere of the Tea Room, the original open pavilion building that at one time was witness to the members of the prestigious London circle of Bloomsbury.

Fronted by a wonderful Italian garden, the Tea Room has four beautiful Romanesque columns, decorated with relief figures from the Middle Ages, a pair of bronze fallow deer, a central stone arch, a square seat with columns and finally a basin in stone with depicting various sea monsters. This construction dates back to the 12th century and retains a strong esoteric connotation that the expert eye can glimpse in the choice as well as in the arrangement of the different architectural elements.

In this charming and historic location, Christina and Jess  made their vows, declaring  eternal love for each other.

In conclusion, we had fun exploring at sunset the different and fascinating corners of Villa Cimbrone  visiting the amazing panorama from the Infinity Terrace. We returned to the town itself to capture the final romantic moments of this magical elopement in Ravello.

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