From 9 to 12 April this year we had the honour and the pleasure of being part of   what for us turned out to be an exciting and interesting experience from all points of view: Federica Ambrosini's Floral Masterclass, hosted in a location full of charm and history such as Masseria Potenti, in Manduria, in Puglia.

The event involved  4 days of intense work and intense emotions  and saw the participation of professionals  of unquestionable fame and prestige from the wedding sector.

Puglia ... what a splendour!

Puglia is a wonderful region of southern Italy. It is a magical place, where the features of a land still wild in many respects reveal a markedly exotic character that comes out in the bright and intense colours of cactus and exotic flowers, highlighted by the background of the earth's brown hues and from the pure white of the buildings and buildings.

The charm of the location and the great team spirit were the keys to this successful floral masterclass

The Apulian farms, these ancient buildings once vast farms, are places renowned for their beauty and for the atmosphere they exude. Not by chance, they are sought after and exclusive locations for events, weddings and destination weddings in Puglia, which aspire to remain unique in the memory and in the hearts of those lucky enough to participate in them.

Federica Ambrosini has chosen Masseria Potenti for her floral masterclass, a place full of charm, which has its roots in an ancient history of which every stone and corner preserves the spirit and memory.

In the hour of the sunset in particular, this place is crossed by an almost magical light that is reflected in the white of the walls in lime and wraps in almost surreal atmospheres, romantic and at the same time intimate and familiar.

Living in  the Masseria for a few days is an exciting and unforgettable experience. Letting yourself be enveloped by the scent of myrtle, rosemary in bloom, and arbutus berries brings a profound contact with the earth and with nature, which still plays a dominant role in this beautiful region of southern Italy.

In those 4 days we were  able to fully enjoy the charm of Masseria Potenti, which  served as a wonderful setting for a great event, whose success must certainly be attributed to the magic of the place but also - and perhaps above all - to the great team spirit and  collaboration that  characterized, in our opinion, all those who  worked behind the scenes.

We were overwhelmed by the energy and spirit of great collaboration that animated a great team in creating spectacular settings.

Day after day, piece by piece, flower after flower, we saw the idea take shape, materialize in one of the most emotive scenarios we can remember.

The guiding icon, the character of Frida Kahlo, who gave a decisive imprint to the styling of the entire event and in particular to the choice of the mood board based on the bright colours, typical of the world of Frida.

We have tried to tell all this and we hope we succeeded in transmitting to you too some of the magic that passed through us on these four memorable days.

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