Ravello, October the 6th 2017

The magic of Fall at Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone is undoubtedly one of our favorite locations.

Renewed all over the world for its enchanting gardens, for that marvelous infinity terrace from which to enjoy the view for which so many envy us. In October Villa Cimbrone is enriched with charm.

The ivy leaves that cover the walls are colored with an intense red, which contrasts with the free of the luxuriant vegetation that surrounds the entire dwelling.

Nejla and Alex, a dreamy destination wedding in Italy

Young, beautiful and much, so in love: Nella and Alex  definitely fascinated us.

Just as they were  fascinated and overwhelmed baby the beauty to be found in this little corner of paradise that is Ravello and, more specifically, Villa Cimbrone

Together since almost 4 years, the first half of their relationship had a lot of special moments in Terminal 4 at JFK, since Alex was doing a graduate degree at Cambridge...and t was right there that Alex chose to propose.

Just after the engagement, Nejla and Alex visited the Amalfi Coast and Ravello.

As soon as they enter the magnificent wooden door of Cimbrone... it was love at first sight. They quickly realized that Villa Cimbrone was the perfect location for their dreamy destination wedding in Italy.

A romantic Jewish ceremony at sunset

And as in the frame of a marvelous painting, the rituals of the Jewish ceremony that united Nella and Alex in marriage followed one another.

Now wrapped in the evening twilight at the end of summer, the ceremony ended, the newlyweds led their guests to the comfortable and yet evocative area known as the Crypt!

Here, between moments of emotion and joy, a delicious dinner,  using  our  typical culinary traditions, was enjoyed by the wedding party.

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