Life is a dream and dreams make life better…particularly when you add touches of everyday madness to your dreams!

If someone asked us what was the most overwhelming and most demanding wedding of 2018, we would certainly answer: Alla Kosovo & Scott LaRoque's wedding. The great team of JZ events, led by Jennifer Zabinski, made possible the dream of Alla and Scott, coordinating everthing to create a spectacular destination wedding in Italy.
From the United States they flew to Italy bringing 120 friends and family to whom they gave a week of madness, fun and adventure on the Amalfi Coast. Here is a summary of the culminating moments of this one week wedding destination in Italy.

Mille Miglia, an adventurous vintage car rally for a spectacular destination wedding in Italy

40 vintage cars arrived from Monaco to be driven along the coastal road from Ravello to Sorrento in an incredible and adventurous rally.

It was about 10 o'clock in the morning when we reached the place set for the meeting, where they were already gathered some incredible vintage cars for the guests who wanted to join the event.
When we learned of this idea, we thought it was nothing short of crazy ...!As residents of the coast, we know how it is extremely difficult for foreigners to drive along the winding coastal road in the summer months ... but we had to change our mind!

The whole thing was amazing and entertaining  ... it almost felt like being in a movie.

All the participants arrived, the women with their hair gathered in the elegant silk scarves by Dolce & Gabbana and the men with their Rayban sunglasses – a thoughtful gift by Alla and Scott who wanted to pamper their guests with gifts from the first to the last day of the event.

After following a serpentine route along the coast we reached Massa Lubrense for a tasty lunch break in one of the most renowned restaurants of the Amalfi Coast: the historic Don Alfonso Restaurant founded in1980.

Set in a nineteenth-century Neapolitan palace, this restaurant aims to reinvent the culinary traditions of the Amalfi coast and the Sorrento peninsula, fully respecting local culture. The same bright colours of blue, yellow, orange, pink, which characterize the design of the restaurant are highlighted by the typical Mediterranean summer light, allowing visitors to breathe the wonderful atmosphere of Southern Italy .

After lunch we returned to Ravello behind the competitors in their cars.

But the day had not yet ended.

In fact, after a refreshing shower and a short moment of relaxation, the guests were guided on the Tortuga, the prestigious sailing ship that took them from Amalfi to Positano, wrapped in the golden light of sunset. The sails bore the family crest of Alla and Scott and drove the whole company to a lively white party at Music on the Rock.

In this popular beach club, Alla and Scott organized a pleasant outdoor dinner, followed by an incredible dance party, animated by the amazing performances by Elan Artists.

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