There is a very special place for those who come to visit the Amalfi Coast: the island of Capri. Its “Faraglioni” have become a symbol. Its history grants it a privileged place among  the most beautiful islands in the world.
Jessica and Jesse have chosen the romantic destination wedding venue of Capri as the place to make their vows with the picturesque setting of rock and sea that characterizes this undisputed pearl of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Charm of a Marriage in Capri

The Mediterranean is a complex and difficult area to describe, due to the many races and ethnic groups that have passed through it, who have lived there and who have written pieces of history there. The Mediterranean is a place of contrasts. First of all that between the sea and the mountains, which generate the charm, the curiosity and the irresistible desire to cross it. Capri contains myth, beauty, suggestion and the discovery that unites those who have the good fortune to travel in the area at least once in their lives.

Getting married in Capri is all about sharing a romantic dream with the most important people in one’s life.

A “Boho” look for this wedding inspired by the Mediterranean

After preparation in the elegant rooms of the Capri Palace, we reached a wonderful private villa overlooking the sea.

Jessica and Jessi opted for a fresh and lively look, perfectly suited to the summer atmosphere of the island, revealing a gipsy element in the choice of clothes and flowers.

Jessica chose a dress from the IDENTITY collection by Flora Bridal, with a soft line embellished with lace and embroidery, with long sleeves and a wide boat neck to leave the shoulders uncovered.
The make-up was done by Beauty Livery who enhanced the natural look with soft waves on long blond hair, a golden headpiece by Jennifer Behr with diamonds flowers and stones just above the bridal veil.
To complete Jessica’s bohemian look she carried a colourful bouquet made with orange buttercups, roses, daisies, wild flowers and berries, eucalyptus leaves and pretty kumquats.

Jesse also kept the same light and fresh style of Jessica, with a Ralph Lauren suit in light fabric in a light grey  which accentuated the orange note of the boutonniere.

The charm of a private villa in perfect Capri style

A short distance from the Orrico fort, this private villa is an oasis of peace in the Mediterranean. Its typically caprese style, the impeccably groomed garden that surrounds it, the impressive rocky mountain panorama that descends to the sea giving unforgettable sunsets, make it an exclusive location for intimate and romantic weddings.

Here, on the panoramic terrace of the villa, facing the vast Mediterranean, in the shade of the gazebo adorned with lively bougainvillea, Jessica and Jessie exchanged their promises and pronounced their vows.

After the ceremony, when the sun began to set and the rocks reflect an intense golden light, with the complicity of the landscape that makes this island the pearl of the Mediterranean, Jessica and Jessi gave us precious moments of intimacy surrounded by the evocative atmosphere that surrounds all things in the golden hour.

After our short photo session with Jessie and Jessie, we joined the rest of the guests for a fresh aperitif, followed by a delicious candlelit dinner outside.

In the area of ​​the Villa reserved for dinner, Capri Moments, who oversaw the organization of the entire event, in collaboration with Capri Oltre il Giardino, created an incredibly welcoming environment, where once again the wild nature of the place was very much in evidence. Branches of olive trees, flowers and candles hung from the canopy of bamboo canes.
For the round tables, they chose a floral centerpiece that reflected the lively bouquet of the bride, with the orange note of theKumquats, also reflected by candles in the same colour that created a lively contrast with the intense blue tips of the ceramics and decorations that embellished the entire scene.

Here, in the romantic candlelight, dinner was eaten, followed by the cut of the cake and a lively dance party!

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