Positano is a  magical place. A difficult place to leave, a place that remains imprinted in the heart and on the mind. Meghan and Matt  enjoyed  the mystique of this enchanting town, opting for a luxury destination wedding in Positano at the magnificent Villa Tre Ville and thus providing a dream weekend for their guests. 

After the welcome party at the Franco's Bar in Positano, Megan & Matt had a romantic rehearsal dinner at the famous Hotel San Pietro.

Positano and its timeless coastal charm

Positano, with its timeless coastal charm is one of the most celebrated places on the Amalfi Coast and - not surprisingly - boasts the attendance in the past of famous people  who found inspiration in this place. The road that crosses this small town is nothing short of amazing, just a steep one-way street and a cascade of slopes and steps. The boutiques selling the famous linen clothes typical of the so-called "Positano fashion" follow the line of the street, where you experience  a  joyful and festive atmosphere. The  author John Steinbeck once described Positano as "a dream place that does not seem real when you're there and that becomes happily real when you're gone." Certainly it's an amazing sight that strikes you as you approach the town: a small cluster  of lovely pastel coloured buildings lined up side by side along the steep hill that descends to the beach and the sparkling sea . Positano remains one of the most desirable locations for coastal marriages. It is ideal for young couples looking for romance and fun.

The magic of a luxury destination wedding at Villa Tre Ville 

Positano has entertained many famous people over the years. Franco Zeffirelli lived in enchanting Positano for some time, staying in Villa Tre Ville, today a luxury location for stylish events. In the 1920s this Villa was owned by the Russian writer Mikhail Semenov who is credited with starting the cultural ferment that has always characterized the history of Positano. Forty years later, this villa became the home of Franco Zeffirelli one of Italy’s most famous and distinguished film directors. His presence made the villa a place of retreat for intellectuals and artists. Liz Taylor, Maria Callas, Carla Fracci and Elton John are just some of the names of the friends and guests who shared the charming villa with the master. Spending time at Villa Tre Ville today gives the visitor the opportunity to imagine it in its former glory. Therefore, celebrating a luxury destination wedding in Villa Tre Ville is in itself an event that is both magical and elegant.

A memorable three day wedding week end on the Amalfi Coast 

With the sun, the sea and all the charm of Villa Tre Ville  Meghan and Matt wanted to give their  guests an elegant and memorable wedding over their three day sojourn on the Amalfi Coast. The whole event was organised and coordinated by wedding planners The Amalfi Experience over the three days with the couple giving their guests gifts that were typical of the Amalfi coast.

A great Welcome to Positano

The welcome party for the guests took place at the recently opened Franco's Bar in the luxury hotel Le Sireneuse. This Bar, a tribute to the collector Franco Sersale of which the entire hotel retains its fine stylistic imprint, stands on a panoramic terrace, inspired by the golden age and is embellished with the work of local and international talents.

The following day, after having explored the enchanting beauties of the Amalfi coast, Meghan and Matt welcomed everyone to the restaurant "Il Carlino" at the Hotel San Pietro, another exclusive place where you can taste the delights typical Mediterranean cuisine.

 The evening finished with a speech thanking all the guests for their attendance leaving everybody excited in anticipation of the big moment the following day when the couple were to make their vows to each other. 

The wedding day 

On Megan and Matt’s wedding day we met  at Villa Tre Ville. It was a beautiful September day and the sun was beating on the white and pastel walls of the Villa, creating interesting shadows with the reflection of the plants and the lush vegetation that surrounds the whole building.

In the adjoining suite where Meghan wore her wedding dress, Meghan and Math met and hugged each other before reaching the rest of the guests at the Church of Annunziata in the centre of Positano. In this Church, Meghan and Matt, in the presence of witnesses, family members and friends made their vows before being declared Husband and Wife.

After leaving the Church and walking through busy streets of Positano that lead from the centre to the port, we boarded the boat that took us back to Villa Tre Ville, for refreshments and dinner.

The aperitif was served in the wonderful rooms of the Salone Bianca, located in the centre of the villa, a masterpiece of design by Renxo Mongiardino, in pure "Positano" style. The Salone is characterized by the white of the Scotto ceramics and the elements of Syrian mother-of-pearl furnishings- precious souvenirs of the occupation the master Zeffirelli. The hall overlooks one of the most beautiful terraces  of the entire coast, a real Moroccan style sanctuary with soft sofas, soft lights, swaying veils and a view that never fails to leave the visitor spellbound. After the aperitif we went onto  the terrace that housed two imperial tables, impeccably set up by The Amalfi Experience and Armando Malafronte, who oversaw the entire event with his the wonderful floral decorations.

The tables dominated the shade of white, with elegantly customized menus and small dark brown ceramic heads, very original and refined placeholders, also personalized with the name of each guest. The white was broken by the gold of the tall chandeliers and the red of the roses that added spikes of colour to the floral cords placed at the centre of the table.

A romantic dinner was served in the warmth of the September evening, interspersed with affectionate speeches wishing Meghan and Matthew all the very best in the future. To conclude the evening there was a dance party that brought all the guests into the action....

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