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A Dreamy Destination Wedding in Ravello, Danielle & Michael

Ravello, 8th June 2017 It is a particular pleasure to photograph young couples with an enthusiasm and zest for life. It gives the photographer a really positive feeling, allowing on ...
March 9, 2018

A Romantic Wedding Elopement in Amalfi, Sara & Joshua

Amalfi, June 28th 2017 This wedding was very much a uniting of different cultures- Sara is the youngest of three from a Macedonian/Maltese backgound while Joshua is Australian! They ...
March 2, 2018

Bohemien Styled Elopement in Positano, Alex & Evangelos

Positano, May 19th 2017 I immediately found a lot in common  with this effervescent and dynamic couple who arrived all the way from Canada.  Envagelos is a DJ and engineering studen ...
February 19, 2018

Praiano Wedding Photographer, Fiona & Tobia

Praiano, July 8th 2017 Ca' P'A - Casa Privata has a very special romantic charm that visitors can feel in every nook and cranny of this wonderful location. It is an enchanting place ...
January 28, 2018

Wedding in Firenze, Rose & Joshua

Firenze, July 6th 2017 Not far from Fiesole in Tuscany there stands a magnificent castle, called  Castello di Vincigliata, dating back to 1031 when it was owned by the families of V ...
January 21, 2018