Alla & Scott have included in their itinerary a wonderful day of sea and sun with an amazing pre -wedding party in Capri.
The starting point was the elegant Palazzo Avino in Ravello, where we met Alla and Scott who joined the rest of their guests at the Amalfi pier. From which we  all embarked for Capri.

Crossing the Faraglioni for this amazing pre wedding party in Capri 

Once in Capri, having crossed the Faraglioni, the dancers of Elan Artist, with their costumes reflecting the Italian tradition of “La Dolce Vita” welcomed the party to the Fontelina Beach Club.

As the guests stepped onto the warm rocks that led to the beach club, they could not help but get lost in the landscape characterised by the imposing Faraglioni.

In this unique place, built into the rock, facing the Faraglioni of Capri, lunch took place, followed by a dip in the blue Mediterranean and moments of relaxation lying in the warm sun of Capri.

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