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About us

The role of this section of our website is to tell you about who we are and the way we work.
We communicate.
When we take a picture we capture a fragment of reality which is very much our personal perception of the world at that moment of time. This sets us apart from others, as our very individual way of looking at things gives our work its special originality and uniqueness.
We don’t believe in capturing fact in the form of a picture – rather, we are there to interpret reality through the physical medium of our lenses and through our interpretation of what we observe.
We use a fresh, organic approach to capture your wedding.
We focus on crafting images in an editorial, story-telling manner, preserving those memorable moments in a truly artistic way.
These elements are central to our philosophy – and we hope you will agree that our work speaks for itself.
Gianni has a distinctly extrovert nature and lives each new encounter as an opportunity for knowledge and understanding.
Pietro is constantly reworking, revising and refining what he does - a shy but strong personality with a wonderful aesthetic sense.