When we take a picture we capture a fragment of reality which is very much our personal perception of the world at that moment of time.



Hence his innate passion for life stories and his firm belief that the greatest memories are created moment by moment. Gianni believes photography is the one form of artistic expression which, more than any other, allows you to capture a single moment and to restore it to the memories of those who lived it. The curiosity and sensitivity with which Gianni approaches life and every being he encounters, make him both a truthful and poetic narrator at the same time. Gianni Di Natale Photographers was born from Gianni’s imagination and has been nourished by twenty years of experience in the wedding industry and, more particularly, the destination weddings sector.

Those twenty years of experience allow Gianni to blend, with the greatest of serenity and ease, both the more emotional and more strictly practical aspects of such a complex event as a wedding.

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Gianni has a distinctly extrovert nature and lives each new encounter as an opportunity for knowledge and understanding.



Nello is to technology what a tomato sauce is to pasta. He would gladly spend hours staring at the ocean or watching cult films like ‘Reservoir Dogs’ or ‘Goodfellas’ and roaming the world with his earphones listening to a vast range of different genres of music. Nello is the indispensible element – his is the presence that makes a difference!

He is always looking to the future, with the ambition always to be ahead of the times.

Nello is also an aesthete – he has a love of beauty and art. Every item and accessory are shockingly colour themed to the red and black leather seats – another testament to his obsessive attention to detail.

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Nello is defined by his accuracy, punctuality and reliability. He always has a solution for everything – just give him a moment to think … or to rummage in his backpack!




Full of energy, optimism and infectious enthusiasm – JOSHUA is a breath of fresh air, a window on the artistic world that you would never want to close.

He feeds on Art, Music and Photography. If there is a local exhibition featuring great names, you will find him there to observe every single canvas. He can spend days studying the black-and-white masterpieces of Erwitt as well as of Parkinson’s portraits or La Capelle's art work.

Strongly inspired by music, it is not uncommon to see him in a leather jacket riding his vespa around the Amalfi Coas. Afex Twin’ and Talking Heads are among his favourite music artists.

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Joshua is constantly reworking, revising and refining what he does – a shy but strong personality with a wonderful aesthetic sense.

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