A wedding at Villa Cimbrone is certainly one of those experiences that remains forever in the heart and mind.

Villa Cimbrone is a magical place. To cross the big entrance door is a bit like crossing the threshold of a dream. And dreams - it is well known - belong to those who dream and want to realise their wishes.

Villa Cimbrone is a perfect place from this point of view. Surrounded by flower gardens, and greenery, placed almost in mid-air between the mountains and the sea of ​​the Amalfi coast, with its succession of corners embellished with elements of  historic decoration and design , is the perfect place to let yourself be carried away by imagination.

For the wedding of Kate and Brian Villa Cimbrone has become a place with some Gothic features, with a triumph of dark shades to enhance the charm of the arches and columns that make the Crypt one of the most evocative places here in Ravello.

A wedding at Villa Cimbrone: when the origins are not forgotten

Kate and Brian met at work in 2016. Kate moved to Nashville, opened a men's and women's boutique clothing and they started dating long-distance.

Brian knew he could not live without her... so he moved to Nashville as well!
They dated for a few months and then got engaged at the local vineyard.
Kate loves art deco and the 20’s fashion in America, geometric designs, black + white and overall moody  dark tones.
Brian has a classic style and appreciates all things ‘James Bond’ - fashion and otherwise.

As they both live away from their hometowns, they decided  a destination wedding would be perfect.
Kate is Italian and her family is from the Naples area so they settled on beautiful Ravello!

The intimacy of the Catholic rite in the Church of Santa Maria in Gradillo

The Church of Santa Maria a Gradillo is one of the most evocative places of worship in Ravello.

Built during the XI century, this small church was a part of civil life of Ravello in the Middle Ages. It is in fact the place where the Captain was invested Duke Amalfitano. Converted in the Baroque style in the eighteenth century, a subsequent restoration from 1958-63 restored its original style.

In its architecture, the Church of Santa Maria a Gradillo fully reflects the local style characterized by Byzantine and Arab elements that are harmoniously grafted onto an almost classical design.

And in this place full of charm and history, Kate and Brian became husband and wife.

The Church is a short walk from the Piazza del Duomo, where a short refreshment was taken, enlivened by the lively notes of the Neapolitan quintet that accompanied the rest of the event.

When the classic meets the moody you can see the perfect harmony between Kate and Brian.

Kate's strong personality has taken shape in an intriguing look enhanced by a seductive dress from the No VI collection of Galia Lahav .
This collection was a  combination of concrete elements and elements of a digital nature.  Galia Lahav wanted to focus on authenticity, mixing the glamour of his style with elements of innocence and freedom.

With this soft voluminous dress and a youthful style that still retains all the elegance of a bride, Kate's style was harmoniously met with a classic look of  timeless elegance emphasised by Brian in his extremely stark black suit. .

The most markedly dark note that was the main theme for the styling of the entire event was also maintained in the wonderful bouquet of  anemones, ranucoli, astantia, ipericum and eucaliptus excellently brought together with the rest of the floral decorations  by Armando Malafronte.

The Crypt of Villa Cimbrone comes alive with Gothic atmosphere.

Kate's strong passion for dark shades accentuates the impeccable styling work developed by the exceptional team of Exclusive Italy Weddings.

With two imperial tables, a strictly black table setting, interspersed with tips of burgundy along the central runner made with an olive cordon and couscous enriched with white peonies and burgundy and spray roses and to finish the candles also black on golden candelabra, the already evocative crypt has been animated by a Gothic atmosphere that  welcomed all those present in a warm and seductive embrace.

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