A destination wedding at Villa San Giacomo is an amazing experience, pretty hard to forget.

A poetic conglomeration of houses that precipitate dizzily towards the sea, a cascade of pink, peach and terracotta huts set in the rocky wall of the Amalfi Coast: Positano is literally a dream place and that's why it is chosen by couples all over the world to join in marriage.

The unique and captivating beauty of Positano has transported Jeff and Cidney and a close-knit group of friends and family from the United States to Italy to celebrate their wedding in one of the most romantic places in the world and in an exclusive and one of the most beautiful locations on the Amalfi Coast as Villa San Giacomo.

Introducing our amazing bride and groom

Cidney, the Bride

“I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia (USA). I was born and raised there and went to school about 2 hours away to Auburn University and studied Interior Design. I moved out to Los Angeles for about 2 years and then came home and still work with my family developing homes and doing interior design. I have two adorable dogs named Winnie and Bee and 2 crazy brothers named Harrison (age:27) and Colin (age: 16). My family is probably the most important people in my life so spending an entire week with both of our families in Italy is going to be a dream come true! “

Jeff, the Groom

“I am 30 years old from Jacksonville, Florida in the United States. I lived here my entire life there until college, where I went to University of Florida in Gainsville. I grew up playing sports and enjoying the outdoors. I love being around the water when possible and enjoy photography a lot. A great day would be hanging out with all of my friends and watching the Jacksonville Jaguars (football) game or playing golf. I have one brother Chris who is 28 years old and my mum is Amy and dad is Scott. I am excited to celebrate the awesome occasion with all of my close family and friends.”

Introducing the amazing wedding location Villa San Giacomo

Villa San Giacomo is one of the most charming villas in Positano; an intimate and welcoming holiday home, offering one of the most romantic and evocative views of Positano.

Built in 1741, Villa San Giacomo was founded as a strategic residence of wealthy merchants, who chose to build it in the hills, a strategic point from which to monitor marine traffic and from which to see their ships set sail.

They enlisted some of the most illustrious artists of the time, who frescoed the ceilings, and furnished them with furniture of fine crafts and precious works of art.

Over the years and even after the last restoration of 2013, the rooms of Villa San Giacomo have preserved most of those masterpieces of art, as well as all the charm of the original frescoes.

Sleeping in one of the Villa's prestigious suites, crossing the internal staircase, lingering on the terrace, means enjoying moments of pure ecstasy, the luxury of a pause in the frenetic flow of time and in a setting that is unequaled in the world, not only in Positano but also along  the entire Amalfi Coast.

The wedding day

The preparation...

Not far from Villa San Giacomo, there is another location with an equally unmistakable charm, Palazzo Santa Croce.

The villa was in the first instance a monastery and then in 1716, in the middle of the Baroque period, it became a bishop’s seat.

The furnishings and character of the villa reflect the trading between Positano and the Middle East in silks, fabrics and precious wood that decorate the entire villa.

Local craftsmen produced the wonderful painted ceilings, the majestic doors finished in gold lacquer and the many stucco decorations to which were added works of art and antiques. It is in our opinion one of the most fascinating, evocative and yet intimate locations on the Amalfi Coast.

In this charming home, Cidney, surrounded by family and charming bridesmaids, wore her wonderful dress by Cristopher Matthew and prepared to say the solemn "Lo voglio".

Jeff on the other hand, along with a close-knit group of friends  accompanied him in different toasts, lightening the tension of a special and important day.

So, fully dressed in an elegant suit by The Black Tux, Jeff left his room to head for the gardens of Villa San Giacomo and wait for his future bride.

...The ceremony

Radiant in beauty, on the arm of her father, Cidney walked towards her husband, amid the excited looks of everyone present.

The ceremony began on the terrace of Villa San Giacomo, overlooking the sea and  enchanting Positano.

They were declared husband and wife, under a shower of petals and were overwhelmed by affectionate hugs, handshakes and warm wishes.

The ceremony was followed by a pleasant refreshment, punctuated by festive toasts and group photos, during which the guests were able to treat themselves to a pair of the comfortable Positano fashion sandals, to show off at the end of the evening.

Villa San Giacomo is undoubtedly a fashionable setting for lovely and romantic couple portraits.

A romantic dinner on the charming terrace of Villa San Giacomo

After a short photo session, Cidney and Jeff together with their guests, took a seat at the elegant imperial table, decorated in shades of white, broken by the bright yellow of lemons and touches of blue to recall the marvelous majolica that decorate the floor of this charming terrace. As evening fell, the violet of the sky in contrast with the blue of the sea below and the soft light of the candles  created an atmosphere so intimate and romantic, perfect for an unforgettable dinner.

After dinner, the terrace turned into a perfect dance floor for a very respectable dance party

At this point, we are quite sure that you felt in love with Villa San Giacomo!

If you are curious to see something more about the Palazzo Santa Croce where Cidney got ready, do not miss the chance to have a look at our editorial style wedding "The Mediterranean. Lights and Shadows of the South"

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