With their classic boho wedding on the Amalfi Coast, Andrea and Jean’s  17-year-old love story came to a conclusion. The wedding took place on May 22nd at the Cathedral of Amalfi where they fulfilled their dream of becoming husband and wife.

The Warm tones of a gipsy chic look for this boho wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Andrea is an incredibly sociable, energetic, sunny-natured woman; Jean more reserved and introverted. Together they make the perfect match.

Andrea’s strong passion for stones and their power has definitely influenced the style of the entire event.

In fact, everything from invitations to jewels to dresses has been chosen with the  warm tones of a gipsy-boho style look, with a preference for  burgundy, violet, blue and purple.

An impeccable outfit

Andrea has chosen a wonderful dress from the Ember Dusk collection by Tara Lauren.

The soft golden light on the contours of lace have helped to enhance  Andrea’s strong personality, giving it a romantic and at the same time intriguing and idyllic look.

Jean instead wore a tailor-made suit by Groom’s Grotto, in shades of burgundy with an original and elegant tie with floral motifs.

 The ceremony took place at the magnificent Cathedral of Amalfi.

After the preparations that saw Andrea together with her bridesmaids and Jean in the company of friends and witnesses, we all headed to the magnificent Cathedral of Amalfi where the religious ceremony took place.

The Cathedral of Amalfi was built in the ninth century and has architectural features that can be traced back to the Romantic, Baroque and Rococo movements.
On top of an impressive staircase, this building dominates the coastal town with its rich facade and bright coloured mosaic.
The Duomo also boasts a splendid Romanesque bell tower, in turn covered in mosaic majolica, restored in the early twentieth century.

After passing through the portico, you  cross the magnificent bronze entrance door to the cathedral,  the gift of an Amalfi patrician from Constantinople.

The romantic atmosphere of a dinner at Villa Eva

After the ceremony, we arrived in Ravello.

From the main square, walking along the  picturesque pathways that lead up to Villa Cimbrone, we reached Villa Eva, the location that Andrea and Jennifer chose for the aperitif and dinner.

The reception took place in the Gazebo area, with its chandeliers and mirrors that make it the ideal place for a romantic dinner made even more atmospheric by the light of candles lined up along the imperial table set up by the  The Amalfi Experience team.

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