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"Always looking to the future…he is the presence that makes a difference !"

Born and bred amid cathode ray tubes produced by his family, Pasquale is to technology what a tomato sauce is to pasta.

Pasquale is defined by his accuracy, punctuality and reliability. He always has a solution for everything - just give him a moment to think ... or to rummage in his backpack!

He would gladly spend hours staring at the ocean or watching cult films like ‘Reservoir Dogs’ or ‘Goodfellas’ and roaming the world with his earphones  listening to a vast range of different genres of music.

Pasquale is the indispensible element - his is the presence that makes a difference! 

He is always looking to the future, with the  ambition always to be ahead of the times. 

Speed is the only temporal dimension in which he truly feels at home and, unsurprisingly, a sunny day is always the perfect excuse for Pasquale to get on his motorbike and experience the thrill of   the race! 

Pasquale is also an aesthete – he has a love of beauty and art. Every item and accessory are shockingly colour themed to the red and black leather seats – another testament to his obsessive attention to detail.

Pasquale’s camera lens is merely a physical extension of his eye – the instrument through which he shares his vision of the world. He interprets photography as a summary in pictures of what he observes around him. His every shot tells the story of something bigger, something that transcends the scene and the subject portrayed…the suggestions, the nuances, the shades, tones and touches that escape those who look without truly seeing.

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