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Separation row


"She interprets beauty as the vital essence of all things"

In her nature, her temperament and intellect  Adriana belongs in a time dimension that ranges from the Hippie movement of the 60'/'70s into the Gothic Punk era of the 80's.

Adriana is sublimely romantic, interpreting beauty as the vital essence of all things, always managing to find something infinitely beautiful - even in what may, for others, be horrid, frightening or uncontrollable.

She is quiet and discreet but difficult to define within the confines of a particular style.

Adriana’s training in educational psychology has made her passionate about human beings, caught in the web of relationships that sustain and define them.

She has explored the use of photography as a therapeutic tool in the context of crisis. She came to wedding photography thanks to matters of ‘the heart’... and nothing could be more appropriate.

She is that perfect female presence in a predominantly male team and offers the romantic perspective of a woman dealing with love in all  its forms.

Adriana favours all forms of non-verbal communication, using the written word to evoke images, and using pictures to elicit words that tell a story - as much as possible - of Love and Beauty.

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