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At Gianni Di Natale Photographers, we are a collective of photographers with our heart in Italy and our eyes looking out towards the world.

Inspired by the idea that every single image is just one small fragment of a much bigger story, our passion is to tell that story and so we have dedicated the last 20 years to destination wedding photography.

Let us tell your story!



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About Us

The object of this section of our website is to give some indication as to who we are and the way we work. Having said that, we feel that the examples of our work in other parts of this site speak for themselves. However, it is important that we try to explain our philosophy of the art of photography.

When we take a picture we capture a fragment of reality which is very much our personal perception of the world at that moment in time.This sets us apart from others, as our very individual way of looking at things gives our work its special originality and uniqueness.

We communicate through our cameras what our clients want to reveal about themselves through their expressions and the way they move. We are there to transmit and interpret this in our own very individual way.

We do not believe in capturing the facts in the form of a picture but we are there to interpret that reality through the physical medium of our lenses and through our own interpretation of what we perceive.

These elements are central to our philosophy but we believe our work speaks for itself.

Discovering a deep and abiding passion for story-telling and for all of the stories that have been entrusted to us to tell, we have dedicated the last 20 years to wedding photography, specialising in the Destinations Wedding sector.

 And so, with a healthy touch of pride, we would like to invite you to take a look at our features on some of the most renowned blogs in the industry: 

Grace Ormode, Stylemepretty, Junebug, Wedding Story Board, Bo-ho Weddings, Nubride, Smashing The Glass, Wedding Style Magazine, Simply Elope, Brown Sparrow, Refinery 29 Weddings.