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Nigerian Wedding in Italy, Amma & Chima

Wedding in Italy, August 2nd Amma and Chima were originally from Nigeria but had moved to England.They chose to marry in Ravello, and we have the pleasure of telling the story of th ...
August 15, 2017

Rustic Wedding in Ravello, Roxy & Andrew

Rustic Wedding Style, Ravello - July 29th Some couples are really in tune, we can’t deny….it feels related, on the same wavelength and this feeling of closeness makes our task easie ...
August 3, 2017

Italian Wedding in Amalfi, Sara & Mario

Wedding in Amalfi, October 15 2016. When shooting a wedding in Amalfi, we used to spend some time walking down the narrow back streets of the town. A wooden door, a small garden, ol ...
July 25, 2017

Ravello Wedding Photographer, Erin & Christopher

Wedding in Ravello, May 16 2016 Erin & Christopher got married in one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Ravello, the Belmond Hotel Caruso. It was a fresh spring mornin ...
July 20, 2017

Intimate Wedding on the Amalfi Coast, Kay & Edmund

Wedding on the Amalfi Coast, September 9 2016. On September 9 it was a rainy day in late summer. As luck would have it the rain stopped, when we met Kay and Edmond, a young couple  ...
July 14, 2017